List of Publications

Journal Articles

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  8. Generating a state t-design by diagonal quantum circuits,
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  12. Phase-random states: ensembles of states with fixed amplitudes and uniformly distributed phases in a fixed basis,
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  15. Thermal robustness of multipartite entanglement of the one-dimensional spin-1/2 XY model,
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  1. Entanglement of phase-random states,
    Y. Nakata, P. Turner and M. Murao, AIP Conf. Proc. 1633, 32 (2014).
  2. Thermal enhancement of entanglement sensitivity to the phase diagram in XY model,
    Y. Nakata, D. Markham and M. Murao, Int. J. Quantum Inform. 06, 751 (2008).


  1. Quantum circuits for exact unitary t-designs and applications to higher-order randomized benchmarking,
    Y. Nakata, D. Zhao, T. Okuda, E. Bannai, Y. Suzuki, S. Tamiya, K. Heya, Z. Yan, K. Zuo, S. Tamate, Y. Tabuchi, and Y. Nakamura, arXiv:2102.12617.
  2. One-shot quantum error correction of classical and quantum information: towards demonstration of quantum channel coding,
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  3. Explicit construction of exact unitary designs,
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  4. Black holes as clouded mirrors: the Hayden-Preskill toy model with symmetry,
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  5. One-Shot Trade-Off Bounds for State Redistribution of Classical-Quantum Sources,
    E. Wakakuwa, Y. Nakata, and M.-H. Hsieh, arXiv:2006.12059.
  6. Randomized Partial Decoupling Unifies One-Shot Quantum Channel Capacities,
    E. Wakakuwa, and Y. Nakata, arXiv:2004.12593.
  7. One-Shot Randomized and Nonrandomized Partial Decoupling,
    E. Wakakuwa, and Y. Nakata, arXiv:1903.05796.
  8. Fundamental energy cost for quantum measurement,
    K. Abdelkhalek, Y. Nakata, and D. Reeb, arXiv:1609.06981.

Domestic reports

  1. Unitary designs in quantum information science ,
    中田芳史,第35回 代数的組合せ論シンポジウム報告書

Organizations, etc

  1. 2020 International Workshop on Quantum Information, Quantum Computing and Quantum Control , Shanghai, China, January 2020.
  2. The 2019 Workshop on Combinatorics and Quantum Information Theory, Shanghai, China, July 2019.
  3. A program committee of AQIS2019
  4. 基研量子情報スクール, 2019年3月18日-20日, 京都大学基礎物理学研究所
  5. 2018 International Workshop on Quantum Information, Quantum Computing, and Quantum Control, Shanghai, China, November 2018.
  6. 量子情報の新潮流(chair),2018年8月,東京大学物性研究所
  7. 2018 Mini-Workshop on Design Theory and Quantum Information, Shanghai, China, June 2018.
  8. 量子情報の新展開,2014年3月,京都大学